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Protection gear

Tactical Training Helmet

Low Cut FAST CQB NON-Ballistic helmet with full protection

Ballistic Helmet

High cut ballistic helmet with NVG mount installed and side mount rail system

Protection visor

Riot control design protection visor

Active Shooter Earmuffs


Telescopic baton

GEISLER Telescopic baton for quick and professional use with carry case for your tactical belt, MOLLE plate carrier or vest

Tactical Goggles

An important safety measure, our Tactical Goggles come equipped with a blade nylon band with anti-slip fasteners. The frame allows better coverage over the nose and the lenses are anti fogging. One size fits all. The best solution to protect you on your next training.

Rescue Stretcher

TRN – Tactical Rescue Net - the world’s most advanced ‘rescue stretcher’