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Rescue Stretcher

TRN – Tactical Rescue Net - the world’s most advanced ‘rescue stretcher’
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Size does matter!

TRN – Tactical Rescue Net -  the world’s most advanced ‘rescue stretcher’

A unique ergonomics structure based on the calculation of the mass center point of the casualty and thus minimizing the effort needed to lift the casualty. This means that the casualty feels far less heavy, and so allows rescuers to run fast during the evacuation, whilst at the same time the casualty suffers less damage from the extraction.


The TRN is designed with a unique network structure which provides it with high tensile strength allowing for a 250kg/600lbs load which is far greater than the weight of any evacuee. The TRN is field proven. It has undergone field trials over two years in Israeli special units and has been selected as a preferred evacuation means for Israeli SPEC OPS units.


  • Designed to fit fighters carrying equipment, the TRN is the size of a beer can and weighs 500 grams.
  • Rapid opening, like opening a personal bandage.
  • Suitable for deployment and placing the casualty in any area, dense and complex as it may be.
  • Carrying capacity for two rescuers in tight spaces and up to 4 rescuers (like traditional litter).
  • Easy carrying, enabling rapid extraction to short and medium range allowing for low silhouette. This leaves the rescuer with the ability to react to threats around him.


The TRN is the lowest price means of evacuation on the market and is substantially lower from traditional stretcher. It comes in a vacuum pack which protects it over time and prevents wear and tear, making the TRN the most cost effective means of evacuation in the world.