Operator Belt - Coyote Brown

This belt with 6,050 lb Breaking Strength is the best option for your tactical needs, uniform or cargo pants
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Knowing your Operational needs, our Operator Belt will fit perfectly into your uniform or cargo pants, and will carry your pouches and pistol holster. The belt is made of reinforced double layer nylon webbing.

Tested per ASTM standard, this belt has an average of 6,050 lb Breaking Strength. The double side reinforced hook and loop will allow closure and operational accessories secured.  With an anodized UTX buckle and rip resistance nylon. Our belt is strong enough to carry a full range of accessories, tools and pouches.

Available colors: Black and Coyote Brown.

One Size:

49" long

1.5" wide

6,050 lb Breaking Strength

UTX Anodized buckle

Reinforced double layer nylon