Hook M.A.S.H One Point Bungee Sling - Desert

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This is a One Point M.A.S.H sling made of High Strength coated Nylon webbing

Bungee attachment protected with Nylon 500D

The bungee has a travel of approximately 1.5" - enough to absorb shock from movement or transitions but short enough to reduce the risk of facial injuries or sagging weapons. 

The overall length is adjustable, ambidextrous, and compatible with use over body armor. 

QD for fast detach with UTX buckle

webbing 1.5"

UTX buckle Flex Side Squeeze M-SS1"

Secondary buckle UTX Flex Side Squeeze M-SS1 1/2"

Treated M.A.S.H lock buckle

Available colors: Black, Desert




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