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C.P.E Chest Guards

C.P.E Chest Guard 01

Covers the front, back, shoulders, and sides of the upper body. The upper arm section is connected to the chest guard and can easily be removed

C.P.E Chest Guard 05

Offers the user a large area of coverage and can be supplied with stab and spike protection. Incorporating a pull-down groin flap and fitted with a C.P.E.® MV Liner as standard giving increased ventilation and higher impact protection

C.P.E Chest Guard 08

Highest coverage area and the highest protection level available. Supplied with a pull down groin flap and the C.P.E.® MV-liner fitted as standard

C.P.E Chest Guard QR

Large area of coverage and protection level as all the other models with a quick-release system

C.P.E Chest Guard Zip

The ZIP model covers the front, back, shoulders and sides of the upper body. It is the most flexible and comfortable model of our line. It can be worn outside or inside your uniform