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C.P.E Gear

C.P.E.® is an ISO 9001, 14001 and Nato AQAP 2110 certified company with a sterling reputation for technolo­gical superiority and top-quality manufacturing. Solutions proven in real situations from -40 degrees Celsius in the Nordic region to up to 55 degrees Celsius in the Middle East.

C.P.E.® machinery includes thermos-molding technology where, among a variety of other products, C.P.E.® MV Liner is produced. MV liner (Molded Ventilation) is used with Riot, Training and Ballistic solutions for increased comfort.

  • The highest quality construction
  • The most advanced materials
  • Minimal weight, consistent with safety
  • Attention to detail for comfort and flexibility
  • An all-consuming passion for protecting our custo­mers

All ballistic products sales are final. No returns or exchanges accepted.

C.P.E.® equipment is to be used only by persons who are trained and authorized to use the equipment.

Neither C.P.E. Production Oy nor the dealers are responsible for possible injuries during training or active duty.

C.P.E Dynamic Plate Carrier

This Multi-Mission Plate Carrier is designed together with serving operators. It can be adjusted according to mission, suitable for high threat DA missions or low-vis surveillance operations. Fits to every environment including maritime

C.P.E NIJ IV Ballistic Plate

Law enforcments special rate! Please contact us for Coupon Code

C.P.E NIJ III+ Ballistic Plate


C.P.E PRO T Shirt

Concealed flexible system for undercover missions. The textile absorbs only 0.13% of liquids thus drying rapidly. Ultimate comfort in any weather condition, anti-bacterial.
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C.P.E TAC Modular Ballistic Carrier

C.P.E TAC Modular Ballistic Carrier is a soft armor protection carrier. Protection level IIIA -NIJ certified.

C.P.E PRO Ballistic Carrier Collection

Pro, Pro 2.0, Pro Light


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C.P.E PRO Extreme T Shirt