Tactic Depot

We understand your need to equipped your team with the best items, not compromise for the quality and choose the most professional products. We appreciate it, and we know that when you feel comfortable, keep the quality and your team appearance uniformity, you are ready for action.

For this, we have established our Depot Department.

On TDD (Tacticshop Depot Department) you can find deals for quantities, special offers and discounts when you purchase 10 units or more, from the same products.

You can choose from a wide range of products, uniforms, Tactical Bags, Concealed Bags, Belts, Slings, accessories, Performance apparel and more.

If you can't find the products you need – contact us and we will tailor the package for you.

Operator Bag- TDD

Multi function 24 hours Assault Rush Backpack

Assault rush backpack - TDD

Multi function 3 days Assault Rush Backpack

CQB Belt - Black - TDD

This belt with 6,050 lb Breaking Strength is the best option for your tactical needs, uniform or cargo pants